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Whether you are an experienced commercial property developer or own some land that may be suitable for development, we can help. Our detailed knowledge of the local commercial property market; likely demand and achievable terms, understanding of development issues and constraints will all be utilised to ensure that your return from any development is fully maximised.

The development advice we provide is practical and creative based on our wider experience of the local property market. We are able to take a practical approach as we have the experience and knowledge of what is required by occupiers. Added to this we have the ability to be creative in understanding trends in the market and spotting opportunities before others have exploited them.

We advise clients who are looking to acquire suitable land for development. Our detailed knowledge of the local market will be used to identify suitable opportunities (both ‘on’ and ‘off’ market). We can then negotiate the purchase on your behalf. In addition, we will also provide advice on the potential development opportunities the site presents and disposal strategies / terms. We can assist with the marketing of the completed development by securing tenants or purchasers. Please see lettings and disposals for more information.

Alternatively, if you have land that you think is ripe for development or are considering a particular development opportunity we can help. Our feasibility advice takes into consideration differing development scenarios, planning constraints, likely demand and achievable terms. We can also advise on the most appropriate disposal strategy including a conditional sale, sale once planning has been achieved, or a joint development by securing a joint venture partner to work with the land owner, reducing the upfront costs in return for a split of the profits.