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With our detailed knowledge of the latest deals in the South Wales area and our technical expertise, we are well placed to deal with commercial property rent reviews and lease renewal negations on your behalf.

Whether it’s a rent review on an office or a lease renewal on an industrial unit, we provide comprehensive, market led advice to our clients.

These areas can be complicated and negotiations often protracted. However, we seek where possible, to work with our clients and their tenants to come to a mutual agreement which all parties are happy with and believe to be fair. By doing so, we can help maintain a good landlord and tenant relationship which will ultimately result in enhanced performance of the asset.

We also view both commercial rent reviews and lease renewals as providing a potential opportunity to renegotiate terms of the lease to suit both parties. From a landlord’s point of view, terms can often be agreed that will increase the value of the asset. For tenants, it provides an opportunity to align the lease with their property strategy. The terms that may be considered include:-

  • Extending the lease for a longer term
  • Removal of a restrictive user clause
  • Insertion or deletion of a break clause
  • Provision to allow for redevelopment
  • Relaxation of alienation provisions

We ensure that in dealing with commercial rent reviews or lease renewals we consider the wider goals and aspirations of our clients and ensure that opportunities to achieve these through this process are fully exploited.

We are currently undertaking a wide range of commercial rent reviews and lease renewals for landlords such as The Prudential, FI Real Estate Management, Aberdeen Property Investors and many more.